It is very easy to rent a bike. Our administrators will gladly choose you an appropriate bike and will advise an interesting route for your ride.

Rental price in TJS Daytime 8:00 – 20:00 Evening 17:00 – 20:00 Night 20:00 – 8:00 24 hours
Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend Weekday Weekend
1 Mounting bikes “BIWEC”, “Bakkara”, “Atilla” 50 70 35 40 45 50 70 90
2 City economy “Kama KZ” 35 45 20 25 30 35 45 50
3 City “Raga” 45 50 25 35 35 45 50 70
4 Mounting bike with the child bike seat (up to 26 kg) 70 90 55 60 65 70 90 110
5 Child bike “Peri” (5-8) 45 50 25 35 35 45 50 70


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Discount 10%
With a group booking from a 5 bikes

Bike accessories:

Helmet, pump, tool kit, bag, tire repair kit, smartphone / GPS holder – are available at an additional cost 20 somoni per unit a day.

Child bike seat (up to 26 kg) –  25 somoni a day

Main conditions:

To rent a bike you will need to either leave as a deposit one of the following documents: your ID, international passport, driving license or other relevant document, or leave one of the following a cash deposit:

– 300$/1900 TJS for BIWEC, Atilla, Bakkara mountain bikes
– 200$/1300 TJS for Kama KZ
– 250$/1600 TJS for Raga, Peri, Nuker bikes

Cash deposit is fully returned if the rent terms were fully observed, that means that bikes are returned in stipulated time, in the same condition as while receipt at the Rental, considering the normal wear.

One bicycle is rented against one document / one cash deposit.


In case the rented bike was not returned in time and you have notified of that in advance, the rent agreement is automatically prolonged for 1 (one) more day at the “24 hours” tariff, at the price in accordance with the next day of the week (weekday/ weekend).


The rental reserve has a right to refuse to rent a bike in the following cases:

– doubting document authenticity
– to the persons under 18 years (kids’ or teen-age bikes are rented only in the presence of parents or upon their documents)
– to the persons being under alcohol or other intoxication

Additional information:

•    Cash deposit may be lower for the regular customers
•    It is required to treat the rented vehicles carefully and accurately. In case of loss or full constructive damage of the vehicle or its accessories full price of the vehicle should be paid
•    Client is obliged to observe the traffic rules and treat with respect all travelers
•    Along with the bike you will get the anti-theft lock which you are obliged to use every time you need to leave the vehicle unattended
•    The rent is paid upon the bicycle receipt
•    The bicycle is transferred to the Client and retuned back clean, in good repair and after the obligatory technical inspection
•    Client is aware of and is accepting the risk associated with bike and accessories handling. The rental is not responsible for the Client’s life and health
•    Bicycle repairs in case of damage are paid according to the rental prices (exception should be manufacturing defects and normal wear)
•    In case of returning the dirty bicycle cleaning from dirt and washing is paid separately (10-20 somoni, depending upon the amount of dirt)

Take care of your two-wheeled horse in advance — call us and reserve a bike!