Hundreds of our co-citizens are using bikes for the daily rides, for sports and simply for fun. Dushanbe city cycling community grows everyday as the significance of this environmentally friendly type of transport causes no doubt. Bicycle has a number of advantages:  its fast, comparatively cheap, reliable and easy to operate, moreover it helps to improve your health, raise the mood and avoid traffic jams and tangles and does not create jams for the other road users.

Bike is not a car, it can not be locked inside or put on alarm to avoid theft. It can only be fastened to an immobile construction with a special bicycle cable. Bicycle parking represents exactly the immobile construction intended for the bikes. With no bicycle parking around, the cyclists have to fasten their bikes to any more or less suitable object in sight: pole, tree, fence. This is uncomfortable both for the cyclist himself and for the people around besides such a parking can not guarantee due level of safety. As to the practice – you will probably not find any suitable object in sight at all.


If you are a business owner, a company lead, a government entity director, an owner of grocery, coffee shop, restaurant, sport club, educational organization or beauty salon, in brief an owner of popular public services rendering and goods supply point, here are several reasons for you to install the bicycle parking on your site:

1. Customer loyalty
The availability of bicycle parking will positively influence your clients riding the bikes. Safe and comfortable bicycle parking will certainly attract new customers among the cyclists;

2. Competitive advantage
The availability of bicycle parking onsite will hit your competitors. It’s always better to reach you by bike than to get stuck in traffic jam, ride a stuffy bus or walk by foot;

3. Additional advertising medium

Without any extra effort the bicycle parking itself makes your place more popular. Grateful cyclists will post your parking photos at the internet forums and social networks and will tell about this to their colleagues and friends;

Advantages of bicycle parking for employees:

1. Less late arrivals. Traffic jams as well as slow public transport may break stipulated working schedule. During rush hour the cyclist moves several times faster than the car or any other public transport and what is more important with the steady speed, this means that for cyclist arriving in time is not a luck but a norm;

2. Keeps you up. The cycling is less tiring than a ride in stuffy public transport or getting stuck in jam in your own car. On the contrary, fresh air, moderate physical activity and speed sense arouse an energy surge and sends off the rest of the sleep. Your employees will come to work in festive mood, cheerful and ready for effective work;

3. Less sick leaves. Cycling strengthens your health. It is proved that the bicycle strengthens heart and lungs, muscles, stimulates nervous system, immunity, helps to lose excess weight. Encouraging your employees to ride a bike, you reduce the losses because of their illnesses;

4. On a bike at work. Not every enterprise premises are located compactly so that both office, warehouse and shop-floor were in one place. More often it happens that premises are scattered across the vast territory. This means that part of your employees is regularly forced to spend working hours, moving from one place to another. Administration direct interest is to make those movements as quick as possible. The bicycle can become a good way out of the situation.


Call us for the additional information on bicycle parking types, terms and manufacturing cost. Possessing due experience we will offer you suitable type of safe and modern bicycle parking.