Rental of bikes, skis, skates, etc.

We work only on a preliminary call!

Phone, Viber, WhatsApp: +992 93 300 777 5 (Russian & Tajik)

Phone, WhatsApp: + 7 707 430 74 00 (to talk ot text in English)

Opening hours:
8:00 – 20:00


3 Loik Sherali st., Dushanbe (crossroads with Rudaki Avenue)

Landmark: Pedagogical Univercity and Imon International bank
Location map


Bicycle will help you to better know our unique city of Dushanbe, to see a places that are not convenient to reach on foot. Renting a bike is a great option to understand – to buy your own bike or not. The whole range of new bikes to order in our Online store


For lovers of active winter holidays, we offer to rent a snowboard, because this modern, youth, sports equipment is ideal for beginners. With proper theoretical training and regular practice, it is possible to fully master the snowboard in 1 winter season! Do not miss the opportunity to relax and cheer yourself up!



You can rent winter skates, try to ride them for the first time – bright positive impressions are guaranteed! When your experience and regularity of skating increase, you can order your own skates from our Online store.


Of course, you can rent here skis. High speed, maneuverability and excellent review makes them popular among fans of all ages. Learning to ski takes more time, but the pleasure is worth it. Extremal offers both skis for rent and new skis in the range in our Shop.


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