The particle of Paris in Dushanbe!

Each person has in life have a good friend, a supporter, with whom you can be itself, share their thoughts and with happy moments. And at the Rent A Bike appeared such a good friend, and the being of the most delicious – the coffee shop Le Delire Parisien!

And now Rent A Bike is pleased to offer to all visitors of this wonderful coffee shop discount of 15% on rental bicycles, and our delicious friend in turn, will give clients of a Rent A Bike free cup of coffee, when you order cake!


Get a discount can each client using a small coupon. Ask a coupon in a coffee shop or in Rent-A-Bike.


Internet-coordinates for cafe:

Instagram: Le.Delire.Parisien

Facebook: facebook.com/Le-Delire-Parisien

E-mail: franchkonditer@mail.ru

Phone and location:

Dushanbe, st. Syed Nasir 29
(Behind the Pedagogical Institute)
The final route taxi №22

Tel: +992 37 224 29 99

  Mob. +992 93 570 03 30

author: rentabike


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